I am getting familiar with both Postman and SoapUI. I already have a doubt. When I make a GET call with from the postman-echo service, I get slightly different responses shown to me in Postman and in SoapUI.

In particular, in Postman I get

"postman-token": "1ef2b330-3a46-4681-a304-d72f020cb194"

This field-value pair is not shown by SoapUI.

Can anyone explain me the apparent difference?

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The parameter postman-token being added while you send a request from Postman. So, it's a custom parameter, you cannot expect it to be present with other tools.

If you check Postman doc of General settings They have explained what is that param is for:

This is primarily used to bypass a bug in Chrome. If an XmlHttpRequest is pending and another request is sent with the same parameters then Chrome returns the same response for both of them. Sending a random token avoids this issue. This can also help you distinguish between request on the server side.

You can disable it from Postman settings. Goto Settings > General > Send Postman Token header.