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I have a Pandas dataframe that looks like this:

df = pd.DataFrame ({
'id': [1, 17, 19, 17, 22, 3, 0, 3],
'color': ['Green', 'Blue', 'Orange', 'Yellow', 'White', 'Silver', 'Purple', 'Black'],
'shape' : ['Circle', 'Square', 'Circle', 'Triangle', 'Rectangle', 'Circle', 'Square', 'Triangle'],
'person' : ['Sally', 'Bob', 'Tim', 'Sue', 'Bill', 'Diane', 'Brian', 'Sandy']


    id      color     shape       person
0   1       Green     Circle      Sally
1   17      Blue      Square      Bob
2   19      Orange    Circle      Tim
3   17      Yellow    Triangle    Sue
4   22      White     Rectangle   Bill
5   3       Silver    Circle      Diane
6   0       Purple    Square      Brian
7   3       Black     Triangle    Sandy

I set the index to color:

df.set_index ('color', inplace = True )

          id    shape       person
Green     1     Circle      Sally
Blue      17    Square      Bob
Orange    19    Circle      Tim
Yellow    17    Triangle    Sue
White     22    Rectangle   Bill
Silver    3     Circle      Diane
Purple    0     Square      Brian
Black     3     Triangle    Sandy

I'd like to select only the columns id and person and only the indices 2 and 3. To do so, I'm using the following:

new_df = df.loc[:, ['id', 'person']][2:4]


          id    person
Orange    19    Tim
Yellow    17    Sue

It feels like this might not be the most 'elegant' approach. Instead of tacking on [2:4] to slice the rows, is there a way to effectively combine .loc (to get the columns) and .iloc (to get the rows)?


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