I have a Point3d class for which I created a scalar multiplication operator like so:

Point3d operator*(double mul) { return {x*mul, y*mul, z*mul}; }

This does not seem to multiply doubles correctly. In my testing when I multiply a Point3d object by 10^-6 and then check the x coordinate, I get .000002.

But, when multiplying the components by hand I get 2.1584e-06.

The former definitely only has 1 digit of precision because if the operator is too small the Point3d goes to 0.0. Why is this happening?

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paxdiablo On Best Solutions

If you write them both out without an exponent, you see:


That means they're equal, to the point where the former stops. So it's almost certainly the printing of the value that's giving you your difference. Try it with something like:

#include <cstdio>
printf("%.20f\n", myDouble); // I can't be bothered looking up the iomanp stuff :-)

This should show you more than the default number of digits.