I have an Azure Hosted Web App. I need to add a button that when clicked, launches a new email window in outlook on the end user's machine with a prepopulated attachment.

I have tried using the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook library to achieve this. It works absolutely fine in a local debug environment however I have later learned it is not supported by Microsoft Azure.

Can anybody recommend an alternative solution going forward?

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SamaraSoucy-MSFT On

I can think of a couple ways to accomplish something similar, but none of them are the exact method you describe. Either one would involve sending a message from your backend as opposed to doing it from their local machine.

1) Instead of trying to create a new email on their account, have the system send them an email with the docs attatched that they could then forward with the attachements. It doesn't stop them from having to open up Outlook, but it does keep them from having to attach the files themselves.

2) Build on sasfrog's idea and but instead of putting it in the drafts folder, have them build out the entire email from your app and send it directly from there. It is probably the easiest from a user perspective as they never leave the page, but it would be a significant dev effort.