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OneSignal issues when I try integrate SDK in Android Studio 2

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I followed this documentation about how integrate OneSignal for Android Studio but without success.

When I try to add the compile dependencies to build.gradle (Module) file

compile 'com.onesignal:OneSignal:3.0.0'
compile ''
compile ""
compile ''

I also add in build.gradle file the manifestPlaceholders with the correct key.

In addition, I develop my application with java8 feature and I must enable jackOption like this:

defaultConfig {
    applicationId "eu.application.test"
    manifestPlaceholders = [manifestApplicationId: "${applicationId}",
                            onesignal_app_id: "PUT YOUR ONESIGNAL APP ID HERE",
                            onesignal_google_project_number: "PUT YOUR GOOGLE PROJECT NUMBER HERE"]
    minSdkVersion 18
    targetSdkVersion 24
    versionCode 1
    versionName "1.0"
    jackOptions {
        enabled true

The Android Studio version is 2.1.3 and I have java 1.8.0_25. Android Studio can install the app but with a lot of effort and a lot of time (about 10 minutes) and sometimes I must restart my computer.

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