i am using numpy.reshape to convert an array but it changes the values of the items in the array.

the array is something like this

[55.4, -0.2, -1559.7, -3495.4, 237.2, 5421.7]

and after applying numpy.reshape it produces this

[[ 5.5400e+01 -2.0000e-01 -1.5597e+03 -3.4954e+03 2.3720e+02 5.4217e+03]]

this is the code i use:

    state = [plane_X,plane_Y,plane_Z,last_x, last_y, last_z]
    state = np.reshape(state, [1, state_sizes])

i know this probably is not doing anything to the array shape but i need to perform it in my code.

all i need is that someone explain to me why this happens and actually i don't know if (55.4) is the same as (5.5400e+01) and if not i need to know how to solve this.

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