We are developing an iPad application which can stream from the two different cameras. We need the ability to use VideoKit (another video streaming framework) and VLCKit in the same iOS project as per the compatibility with the currently connected camera. For example Type1 camera requires VideoKit and Type2 camera requires VLCKit for the video streaming. Streaming on VLCKit for Type2 camera is working fine. But, we have observed that VideoKit is not able to get any video streams when connected to Type1 camera. This behavior is observed just by adding MobileVLCKit.framework into the project without making a single call to VLCKit. Our assumption is that VLC streaming engine is running by default (once MobileVLCKit.framework is added) which is consuming all the live stream due to which VideoKit could not get the streams. Could you please let us know how to start/stop the VLC streaming engine on demand so that we can use both the frameworks together? Thanks, Malleswari.

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