I followed this link to write my first gwt hello world program in eclipse. I created GWT Project in eclipse,then I want to create module for that,then I right clicked on package,new-->module in gwt,then it is not going to next step, that is the problem..

1 Answers

Ahmad Bawaneh On

1- Start eclipse

2- From eclipse marketplace seearch for gwt

3- install Eclipse GWT plugin 3.0.0

4- From eclipse menu select window -> preferences

5- open entry GWT -> GWT settings

6- Click Download button, this will take you the gwt sdk download page.

7- Donwolad and extract the latest sdk.

8- From eclipse GWT setttings preference window click on add

9- Select the extracted SDK folder.

10- Check the check box next to the new added SDK to make it default.

11- click Apply and close

Create and run a project

1- Locate the gwt plugin action button in the toolbar.

2- Select the button and select New GWT application project ... from the dropdown.

3- Enter the project name and package then click Finish

4- Select the newly created project and from the GWT action button select GWT compile project.

5- Once the compilation is completed, Right click the project then select Run as -> 2 GWT Development mode with jetty.

6- Once ready double click the url of the HTML to open it in the browser.