I'm thinking about moving to Navigation component architecture of Android application. It looks nice, starting new Activity costs more, than starting fragments, as I understand. So, I accepting Single Activity-Multiple Fragments principle.

However, I've got question, and there's no information in the Internet at all. In my experience, there's any of situations, when we got on the same screen multiple fragments launched, Responsive layout, huh? :)

So, how we can do the same for Navigation component?

My suggestion is to launch Parent Fragment, which may contains few Children Fragments. Actually, IDK, is it really good idea to move to NavComponent, so, I'm still got doubts...


Sorry for misunderstanding, I haven't meant that Responsive UI is the main problem that I've met with Navigation component.

As an example, I've got Maps with many of fragments on the screen attached, is Navigation Component suitable for this case? Or they should be applied only on specific situations, like simple screens on sign in/sign up?

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