I am using ‘Music Streaming App template’ From Nativescript Marketplace, I made few updates, I separated the footer in custom module called 'footer-menu' and trying to use it in ‘home’ and ‘artist’ html pages by calling at the end of each page. This is a link for current code on ‘Playground’ https://play.nativescript.org/?template=play-ng&id=ERHBrE&v=130 I have two issues:

First: When I click on any footer link, it takes very long time to respond, and sometimes I have to click twice for the action to take place and navigate to another page! Second: I want to call the custom component in other components. To do that I want to import the ‘Footer-menu’ module/component only in one place ‘app.module.ts’ and use it in all the other components, but it is not working! I had to import it to each module to work!. So why it is not seen while in ‘app.module.ts’?


When importing the module in 'app.module.ts' it never works. for that I had to import it to every module I want to call it from. I just want to call it in app.module.ts and use it everywhere. Besides function calls from footer is not responding all the time, and it is very slow why?

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