I have used the following link for chart creation java create a chart in a powerpoint using APACHE POI which is working fine for apache poi 4.0.1 but I need to work it on apache poi 3.9. Same code has compilation issue on apache 3.9. I want to work it on apache poi 3.9

MyXSLFChartShape(XSLFSlide slide, MyXSLFChart myXSLFChart) throws 
Exception {
String rId = "rId" + (slide.getRelationParts().size()+1);
slide.addRelation(rId, XSLFRelation.CHART, myXSLFChart);    

private class MyXSLFChart extends POIXMLDocumentPart {
private CTChartSpace chartSpace;
private MyXSLFChart(PackagePart part) throws Exception {

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