My adsense account is disabled but i didn't receive an email from adsense or admob yet. I think it was disabled because of this code.. I have two admob ads in my app. BannerAd and interstitial . Banner Ad is in bottom of the app. interstitial ad opens when user click add button and I used this code to re generate the ad request. Can someone tell me this is because their problem or this code problem..

this is my app - myapp

//On top of the code

import firebase from 'react-native-firebase';

const advert = firebase.admob().rewarded('my-id');
const Banner = firebase.admob.Banner;
const AdRequest = firebase.admob.AdRequest;
const request = new AdRequest();
const request2 = new AdRequest();




//Add button to add stickers and load the interstitial ad after clicking a button.

                     setTimeout(() => {
                              if (advert.isLoaded()) {

                                advert.on('onAdClosed', () => {

                              } else {
                                // skip...

                            }, 1500)


1 Answers

ashad On

since you are loading add as soon as it is closing . maybe that will be a problem but in majority of cases if something volatilises the admob terms and condition then they will mail you and stop showing add on that appId .

But it will be good if you go by rule.otherwise your admob account will be blocked.