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multiple model dialog in VB

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I have a aspx page. Users can perform an action on that page. but that actions goes through series of other actions. for example- suppose there is JOin Community link on that page. When user clicks He is asked to Login/Register(A) THEN He is asked to fill up a brief profile(B) THEN he is asked to join community as member/admin etc (C). So there are 3 actions. ALL are to be done on popups/model dialogs (user remains on same page). and I want to create separate controls/pages for all of these steps for reusability. I dont want to write HTMLS/server side code of all steps-A, B, C on page itself and I want proper interaction of all model dialogs with page so that depending upon his actions I can decide to show him B C or D dialog box anytime. Suppose user fills some invalid information on step B I should be able to show him step B again after all databse checks with a proper error message so that he can continue from same point where he made error.

How to do this?

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