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Microsoft Flow doesn't trigger for email in a folder

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I have an Outlook rule that moves particular messages to a folder. I have a flow watching this folder with "When a new email arrives" and no specific search criteria (the proper criteria is already dealt with in the Outlook rule). But the flow never fires on its own.

If I Test the flow, with "Use data from Outlook 365" it works fine (and processes one email among dozens that are in that folder, hopefully once this starts working it'll process all of them). But it won't fire on its own. I tried setting messages as Unread which doesn't help.

I haven't truly gotten a new message since I built the flow, I just moved the existing messages in the Inbox to the folder when I built the rule. Maybe it's basing the pickup on the time stamp of the email, or some hidden "New" property. But that doesn't explain why when I manually Test the flow it works fine.

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