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I have a matplotlib Figure embedded in a QtAggFigureCanvas (PyQt4) with titles and axis labels (example shown below). enter image description here

I implemented a button to save the figure to a png file. The figure was created with:

self.plkDpi = 100
self.plkFigure = Figure(dpi=self.plkDpi)
self.plkAxes = self.plkFig.add_subplot(111)

When I hit my save button, the following code is executed:

self.plkFig.savefig('tmp.png', bbox_inches='tight', dpi=self.plkDpi)

For some reason, the axes and plot title are omitted from the final plot. But they are not cropped - there is a bounding black box around the figure that is just blank (see below)

enter image description here

No matter what I try, changing figsize, dpi, bounding box, etc. I cannot get the figure to save with the axis labels.

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