Make tkinter button act like ENTER

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I have this script

import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import messagebox
import commands
import CheckDatabase

root = tk.Tk()

checkbd = tk.Button(root, text="Check for new databases", command=CheckDatabase.db_download)


Like you see the checkbutton calls a command in CheckDatabase. Everything alright until here. In my CheckDatabase script, there is a moment where it opens a captcha in web browser and i have to click enter, after solving it, in the terminal to continue.

    print('Opening captcha in browser. Press ENTER once you have solved it...')

Thats how i made it work in terminal.

But in tkinter i would like a button to replace that "input". How can i do that?

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Replace input() with

from tkinter import messagebox
messagebox.showinfo('Waiting', 'Click ok when you have solved the captcha')