I have two ontologies ontology1.owl and ontology2.owl where the first depends on the second (ontology1.owl imports ontology2.owl).

I have an RDF file instance1.rdf that conforms to ontology1. instance1.rdf refers to individuals from instance2.rdf which conforms to ontology2.owl.

I have an application that employs instance1.rdf to do some specific logic. However, data from instance2.rdf are also required for the processing as instance1.rdf refers to individuals from instance2.rdf. Let's assume that all instances and ontologies are available on the web. For example:



  1. The entry for my application should be instance1.rdf which the user should provide (or provide a link to it). However, it's not the user's responsibility to know the required instance2.rdf, it's rather the application responsibility and this can be known by encoding such dependency in instance1.rdf. Is there any elegant way to make instance1.rdf refer to instance2.rdf, so that my application knows where to retrieve instance2.rdf from and load it? The


  1. I do not want to use owl:import. The reason is that both files instance1.rdf and instance2.rdf are RDF files, I do not want to use owl constructs here.

  2. A possible workaround is that in instance1.rdf, I create a special property, e.g., dependsOn, and set the value of the property to the link to instance2.rdf, and handle the rest in my application. Is this straightforward?

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