I want to add the following shipping methods:

A price for sending an item:

  • to the home country
  • to the home country (priority)
  • to the EU
  • to the EU (priority)
  • to every other country
  • to every other country (priority)

As far as I know that can't be done out of the box with magento 2. I also tried looking for a free extension to do that, but couldn't find any. Because I don't want to pay for one, I'd love to add that functionality with code on my own, so my question is:

Which files do I have to tamper in Magento 2, to add the logic from above (in a future proof way)?


ps: If there's a free extension I didn't find, please let me know

ps2: The shipping company prices I'll be using all depend on weight btw, so I may need to add a formula in my code as well

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