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Selenium Python Locator

I use Selenium in Python to to some auto-clicking task for me. The thing is I got this drop-down list, which do not let me send any keys, only select 1 of the option from the list.

I tried to use browser.find_element to search for it by the option I want which named "Deplacement_X1(5)" by 7 locators(id,name,xpath,link test, partial link text, tag name, class name, css selector) but it didn't work.

Full of the option's element is :

<li class="MuiButtonBase-root MuiMenuItem-root MuiMenuItem-gutters MuiMenuItem-root MuiMenuItem-gutters css-18wioi6" tabindex="0" role="option" aria-selected="false" data-value="175155">Deplacement_X1(5)
<span class="MuiTouchRipple-root css-w0pj6f"></span>

I'm not a web dev, can anyone give me an instruction or a command to locate this?

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