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Limitations of Windows Service on run the .exe file

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I 'm trying to get Certificates from a external device using windows-Service . how should a handle limitations for current user?

I have an .exe file that get certificates from an extra device(Token) and it work correctly . but when it called from my windows service using WCF , it doesn't show me all certificates . Does it make a limitation for user or app?

static void LaunchCommandLineApp()
        var path = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + 
        log.Info("LaunchCommandLineApp basePath is : " + 
        log.Info("LaunchCommandLineApp path is : " + path);
        ApplicationLoader.PROCESS_INFORMATION prcInf = new 
        ApplicationLoader.StartProcessAndBypassUAC(path + " -Verb runAs", 
        out prcInf);
        log.Info("After StartProcessAndBypassUAC");

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