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Larman's system operations contacts for lists

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I have some confusion with applying Larman's system operation contracts (OO Analysis from book Applying UML and Patterns) on Lists. More precisely, I'm confused with postcondition part.

For example, I have system operations for my blog site:


what would be postcondition(s) and precondition(s) on, for example, search(query) system operation be if the user is the actor and the system is the blog site considering that my domain model contains a ArticleCatalog class that contains multiple ArticleDescription.

For example: for search operation, the system needs to search the articles in ArticleCatalog conceptual class with the query parameter and then filters ArticleDescription. One ArticleCatalog contains 1..* ArticleDescription.

how can I represent this if ArticleCatalog contains an attribute 'query' to allow search?

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