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Laravel project uploading in the shared hosting issue

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I just finished setting up database into the cpanel and uploaded the project into the cpanel. I zipped the project and uploaded that way. I moved all the files from 'public' folder into the public_html and the rest into a new directory called 'house' and after that I edited the index.php file as follows

require __DIR__.'/../house/vendor/autoload.php';

$app = require_once __DIR__.'/../house/bootstrap/app.php';

Still the website is inaccessible. I must be missing something from the beginning. In firefox, the page is blank and google chrome says This page isn’t working. Do I have to change the .env and database.php inside config? I have followed all the instruction shown in some of the helpful videos but nothing seem to work for me.

My current .env file has following lines (no credential set up)


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