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I am using Laravel 5.6 and Horizon 2.0. My Horizon setup is as follows:


    'waits' => [
        'redis:default' => 600,
        'redis:default_long' => 600,
        'redis:drip_feed' => 600,
        'redis:wms' => 600,
  • With my setup being connection_name:queue_name => time_seconds


    public function boot()

         Horizon::routeSlackNotificationsTo('', '#redis_queue');

Horizon however seems to be ignoring this and sending me notifications when any queue extends the default 60 seconds wait time.

I have fully rebooted horizon including:

  • clearing cache
  • clear and store config cach
  • php artisan horizon:terminate/reset/purge
  • restarted server
  • restarted daemon supervisord

Is there something else I need to do in order to get these settings to persist, or maybe something else in mysetup?

I did previously upgrade from Horizon 1 but did remove this first before installing 2. Im not sure if there could be some legacy code causing issues?

Any help much appreciated!

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