My apologies if this doesn't quite make sense, hopefully it comes across ok.

I have an app that you can specify a regex in a config file that is used to match against a list of items. It then has various config options as to what to do with the captured groups, eg if the regex matches this item:


with regex of


Then it might have config entries of how to use the captured groups

groupby=$yyyy$MM$dd orderby=$yyyy$MM$dd$hh$mm$ss

This is working quite well but then I thought I would add some features such as converting month like Jan, feb etc to 01, 02 so define it like this:


Then I've added a few other functions and features. So I've started to define a language as how to assemble the captured group.

So, my question is, does something like this exist? Am I reinventing the wheel? Is there something that exists that would have a ton of features?

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