my-error please,help any one.i am trying more then time. My code is header on

key              value

Authorization key="paste on my legacy server key(FCM) here"

Content-type application/json

My code is Body inside FORM-DATA tab

key value

image My image url here.

throw the error is:"JSON_PARSING_ERROR: Unexpected character (-) at position 0."

My code is Body inside RAW tab


"to":"paste my app token here",





throw the success message is:


"multicast_id": 5755459800708352957,

"success": 1,

"failure": 0,

"canonical_ids": 0,

"results": [


        "message_id": "0:1557467887180608%0e1ebcc90e1ebcc9"



But,not get image notification.

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