I am transforming a static HTML website into a Wordpress theme, and I got a problem with some of my Javascript files.

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I've linked the files correctly but when I load the page and inspect element and open console tab (as in the image) I got an error (invalid or unexpected token) for some of the linked JS files in my webpage, but the files are there, they are loading correctly, all of them. If I view the page source code and click on the file link it opens correctly. The files also work fine with no errors in the static version of my website. So I dont know why they are not loading in the DOM of the wordpress version.

I am linking them like that:

<script type="text/javascript" src="../wp-content/themes/themename/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js">

And since they opens correctly in the page source code, it doesn't seem like a linking problem. Also, as they file are completely the same from the static version I dont know what is causing this error. Maybe it's some other WP file that is conflicting with these JS files? And how to spot this?

Thanks in advance for any insight

Here's the link

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