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jQuery blink text for 1 minutes

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How to set blink in 1 minutes and then after that unset the blink on my jQuery function below?

var html = '<table>';
for(var i in list)
    var tClass = list[i];

    if(jsonStr.currentTime == times[list[i].toLowerCase()]+":00")
        $("#audio").html('<audio style="width: 100%;" class="audioDemo" controls preload="none" controlsList="nodownload"><source src="assets/audio/alarm2.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"></audio>');

        tClass += " blinker";

    html += '<td class="box"><span class="'+ tClass+'">'+ list[i]+'<div class="timeValue">'+ times[list[i].toLowerCase()]+'</div></span></td>';
html += '</table>';
document.getElementById('todayPrayTime').innerHTML = html;


The current function, it will blink only 1 time.

What I want is the blink is set for 1 minute and then clear it after that.

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