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Joomla 3 > mod_login > label: doesn't take any modification

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In Joomla 3 I created an override for mod_login in templates/mytemplate/html/mod_login > default.php.

The original looks like this (line 86-90):

<?php if (JPluginHelper::isEnabled('system', 'remember')) : ?>
        <div id="form-login-remember" class="control-group checkbox">
            <label for="remember" class="control-label"><?php echo JText::_('MOD_LOGIN_REMEMBER_ME'); ?></label> <input id="modlgn-remember" type="checkbox" name="remember" class="inputbox" value="yes"/>
        <?php endif; ?>

I added style="margin-left: 20px;" to line 88, so it looks like this:

<label for="remember" class="control-label" style="margin-left: 20px;">

In my browser however there isn't reflected any change to the style of that label. In my browser's inspector tool all I get is:

<label for="remember">
Angemeldet bleiben

Where is the class and the style ?

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