I'm creating a windows slave in Jenkins and for that, I need to use the Java Web Start as a launch method in slave configuration. I'm aware that to view this option in slave configuration, we need to change the setting in Manage Jenkins>Configure global security>Agents>TCP JNLP AGents to Random from disabled.

But in my case, I'm not able to see the JNLP port agent, the option visible is "TCP port for inbound agents" instead of "TCP port for JNLP agents".

I've installed JDK in Manage Jenkins>Global tool Configuration, but after this as well it's not giving an option for JNLP agents.

Can someone please help with this, where I can view the "TCP port for JNLP agents" option under Jenkins>Configure global security>Agents

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The 'TCP port for JNLP agents' setting seems to be not available anymore in the 'Configure Global Security' settings. Instead of that modify your agent's settings and set Launch method as 'Launch agent by connecting it to master'. It works similarly to the option that you are looking for:

Launch method screenshot