I know that the audience of JIF is very small in numbers, but that's that Stack Overflow is for. My question has to do with if anyone has a snipset with which I can declassify a String and send it as output to screen. Example:

String data{Alice:} = "123";

output.println("this is it" + data);

note: more appropriate tag would be JIF, but I can not add tags yet.

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Dimitrios Mistriotis On Best Solutions

Found a partial answer. For the moment I am working in a code stub provided by a friend. Here there is an output stream created with the lowest restrictions ({}, public):

PrintStream[{}] output = declassify(runtime.stdout(new label{}), {});
if (output == null) return;

Then the declassify(...) must be called to declassify to public and afterwards print. Therefore later on in the program:

int{Alice:} iAlice = 3;
int aliceDec;
aliceDec = declassify(ziAlice, {});
output.println("aliceDec: " + aliceDec);