I have about 30 languages that my application needs to support. I have some fairly simple text that was provided for each of them, but within that text I do need to make one choice using {0, choice, 0# ...|0<...}

At present I have not even got as far as testing if this works because I am having a lot of trouble trying to convice my text editor to allow me to combine left to right and right to left text, but what I really want to know if this is even possible...

Question: Is it possible to use the Java message properties embedded choice with languages flowing from right to left.

If anyone can think of any additional tags to use for this question, I would be grateful.

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Michael Gantman On Best Solutions

The short answer is yes it is possible. It is a thorny issue, but BIDI (bi-directionl) support is an issue of the text editor not yours. So if your text editor supports it (and most editors do) then it is possible. First you have to make sure that you use an encoding (character set) that supports multiple languages - UTF-8 is recommended (but also UTF-16 and may be some others may work) as opposed to ISO-8859-X (where X is a single digit) that supports just 2 languages. Also you can write your Strings in property file or anywhere in the code as a unicode sequence.

There is an Open Source java library MgntUtils that has a Utility that converts Strings in any language (including special characters and emojis to unicode sequence and vise versa:

result = "Hello World";
result = StringUnicodeEncoderDecoder.encodeStringToUnicodeSequence(result);
result = StringUnicodeEncoderDecoder.decodeUnicodeSequenceToString(result);

The output of this code is:

Hello World

The library can be found at Maven Central or at Github It comes as maven artifact and with sources and javadoc

Here is javadoc for the class StringUnicodeEncoderDecoder