Been struggling with this for some time now and would appreciate any insight you guys have..

This is what my JSON Data looks like..enter image description here

BinsByDayByOrchardsQCs [Array] > BinsByDayByOrchardsQCsDefects [Array]

I need to display each "Defect" on a grid table, which is inside the array of BinsByDayByOrchardsQCsDefects which will look something like this enter image description here

What I have so far is { => <div className="row table">{qc.BinsByDayByOrchardsQCs[0].BinsByDayByOrchardsQCsDefects[0].Defect}</div>

This currently returns Hail Damage, Sunburn, Sunburn, Sunburn, my question to you guys is how do I return all the defects from the whole array not just [0]

1 Answers

Christopher M Miller On Best Solutions

I like using Lodash for collection manipulation.

But you could also use nested maps:

{ => =>
                <div className="row table">