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python's time module seems a little haphazard. For example, here is a list of methods in there, from the docstring:

time() -- return current time in seconds since the Epoch as a float
clock() -- return CPU time since process start as a float
sleep() -- delay for a number of seconds given as a float
gmtime() -- convert seconds since Epoch to UTC tuple
localtime() -- convert seconds since Epoch to local time tuple
asctime() -- convert time tuple to string
ctime() -- convert time in seconds to string
mktime() -- convert local time tuple to seconds since Epoch
strftime() -- convert time tuple to string according to format specification
strptime() -- parse string to time tuple according to format specification
tzset() -- change the local timezone

Looking at localtime() and its inverse mktime(), why is there no inverse for gmtime() ?

Bonus questions: what would you name the method ? How would you implement it ?

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