Is there a way to programmatically create folders? There was a way to do it in lotus script - that method also was not documented in designer help. I want to get a document collection and then put the whole collection into a folder. I can see in the documentation that this will create the folder - I want to add columns to the folder. I suppose at worst I can open the folder after it has been created from the "put" command.

2 Answers

Paul Stephen Withers On

If you want to modify the design by adding columns, it will need to run with a ID that has at least Designer access to the database. ODA has a design API that can be used to create design elements via DXL. I've used it to create views, but folders should work the same.

If you don't need to modify the design, you can create a Shared Private on First Use folder by running as the user and calling getView(). I don't think that needs designer access, but it's worth double-checking.

Note: the ODA methods haven't been tested from SSJS. If it works, you're lucky, but the focus is Java.

Frantisek Kossuth On

You can use ViewEntryCollection.PutAllInFolder method

The folder will be created from the view/folder flagged as "Default for new views/folders" property. To change its design, you can use createColumn method