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I would like to know if there is Possibly a way to Extract the Bytecode/Actionscript from an SWF without Flasm, I'm on a Restricted Device, so I don't have access to Flasm.

I only want to do this for an Experiment with a Flash Game I'm Playing (Specifically I'm trying to edit the Map and game data via Sets in the Actionscript so I can play on a custom Game)

Is there any Online Method/Java (.jar) application that can Disassemble SWFs

EDIT: I have a device at home that can run Flasm, I'm simply asking this to know if there is an Alternative that Uses Web or Java to run, I can easily run Java Applications/HTML/Js and other Code languages/Application Types.

EDIT: I did my research already, Flasm is the only method that actually extracts .as files, and now it doesnt even work for me.... Whenever i extract on home device it just gives me a txt file with an <asr> tag and some random jibble jabble I cant understand, there are no Sets or Functions for the game...

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