I was trying to create a function that takes a number of minutes and outputs it in a nice readable format. For instance, FORMATMINUTES(1570) would output 1d2h10m, but I got hung up trying to find a truncate function. I also had to change my lets to vars. Is there a reference that tells you what javascript features are available when writing custom functions?

To simplify I created two functions. First, the Math.trunc() function doesn't seem to exist as it doesn't show up as a suggestion and throws an error when used:

function MYTRUNC(input) {
  return Math.trunc(input);

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Second I thought that maybe I could use sheets's built-in TRUNC function, but that isn't defined either:

function MYTRUNC2(input) {
  return TRUNC(input)

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I read google's guide but it says "Custom functions are created using standard JavaScript" but not what version of javascript. Apparently it doesn't support let.

Their app scripts reference has a lot of information on interacting with sheets, but not a basic or complete reference. I realize that in this situation I can use Math.floor which is available or subtract input % 1, but I'd like to know what other idiosyncrasies there might be, and if I can use newer javascript features. Template literals give an error as well, so maybe it's based on an earlier javascript version?

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The best reference I have found is from within the online Script Editor's debugger.

Make a breakpoint anywhere in any function. Then run that function with the bug button to start debugging. Next, click on the two buttons at the end of the tool bar: "Show inheritance" and "Show all data".

In the debugger, you should see a this with a "+" to expand it. Expand it and then expand [[prototype]] to see all the builtin App Script objects (GmailApp, etc), then find the next [[prototype]] below those to see the standard JavaScript objects such as Array, Math, Date, etc and you can inspect all of the functions that are available from there.