I’m trying to see how NSObjCMessageLoggingEnabled log looks like.

I created a new single-view iOS project, set NSObjCMessageLoggingEnabled to YES: enter image description here

And after running an app, viewed AppData/tmp folder inside an app’s folder:
enter image description here

There’re no files. How to check if this variable is still working, or which possibility can be used now?


As is said in the link provided by @SaurabhJain, the logging is possible only on Simulator.
I've tried it, and while there still weren't files in ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/(SIMULATORID)/data/Containers/Data/Application/(APPLICATIONID), there was file like launches.2019-04- in /tmp.
But this file was created also when NSObjCMessageLoggingEnabled was NO, and it's content is about the same: I don't see the names of functions called.
So I can't make it work even in Simulator.

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