I'm running TestCafe via CircleCi as part of my CI/CD process, using "Smoke" test-meta tags (in order to run a subset of our regression tests every build deploy).

As part of the run, CircleCi splits the test suites/specs to run on different containers in parallel, resulting in:

testcafe chrome:headless tests/someFolder/someTestSuite.js --test-meta smoke=true

Not every suite will contain a "Smoke" test, however, so those will fail with 'ERROR No tests to run. Either the test files contain no tests or the filter function is too restrictive'.

Is there a way to switch this to a warning, rather than a failure? I've tried using the --disable-test-syntax-validation flag, but this understandably doesn't help.

1 Answers

Alex Kamaev On

You can not do this via a public API. You can consider defining a custom filter or adding some empty tests with meta='smoke' to avoid this error.