I'm trying to get already created Password Credentials for Azure AD app using the Get-AzureADApplicationPasswordCredential cmdlet. The cmdlet is executing successfully, however the value field is empty :( According to the docs (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/azuread/get-azureadapplicationpasswordcredential?view=azureadps-2.0) it should return the key.

Did somebody managed to get this cmdlet working ?

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Joy Wang On Best Solutions

I can reproduce your issue, the Value should be empty, it is normal. The Get-AzureADApplicationPasswordCredential command essentially calls the azure ad graph api GET https://graph.windows.net/{tenant_id}/applications/{application_oid}?api-version. If you test with this api, you will get the same result.

There should be a mistake in the official doc, in the example, it uses the New, not Get.If you try New, it appears like the doc.

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