Lyx is the quasi standard in academic writing [1] and has many advantages over plain LaTeX. On the left screen, an outline of the document is shown and in main window the inserted images and tables are presented in the preview mode.[2]

Unfortunately, the workflow to enter a new reference into a Lyx document is a bit complicated, page 21, [3]. At first, the bibtex entry has to copied at the end of the bibtex-file. Then the user has to open the Lyx citation dialog in which he is searching for the bibtex key, then he must press the add button and press the apply button. After this long lasting procedure, the source is referenced within the document.

Is some kind of shortcut available which simplifies the procedure? For example, a simple button which pastes the content of the clipboard at the end of the bibtex file and puts the appropriate reference into the document, so that the user needs only to click the button and the citation is done?


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