I'm uploading IOS DSYM to firebase using the Fabric/upload-symbols script and the log shows that the DSYM files are loaded successfully (see below).

Nonetheless the crashlytics dashboard says that the DSYM is missing and specifies a UUID which was successfully loaded.

The only difference I see is that crashlytics specifies the number in uppercase and adds dashes, but I don't believe this is the issue.

The code is compiles with Jenkins via Xcode 10.2 We previously had Fabric but I unlinked it via firebase console

...jenkins.../workspace/Pods/Fabric/upload-symbols -gsp ...jenkins.../workspace/.../GoogleService-Info.plist -p ios ...jenkins.../workspace/ipa/.../myapp-dSYM.zip

upload-symbols[74993:12390210] Successfully submitted symbols for architecture arm64 with UUID uuid_in_lowercase in dSYM: /var/folders/rj/...jenkins.../workspace/ipa/myapp-dSYM.zip.unzipped/myapp.app.dSYM

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