Recently, new ios devices being registered on our app have stopped receiving notifications. After some digging, I saw that, using the firebase admin node module, new ios devices weren't registering with fcm. This is confirmed to occur on ios 11 and ios 12.

So far, I've upgraded to cordova-plugin-firebase v2.0.5, upgraded ios to 5.0.1, and switched to the legacy build process. I've also tried installing [email protected], which worked after I imported FirebaseAnalytics.h and FirebaseCore.h and commented out the configure, which was giving me an "App already configured" error. Finally, I made sure our cert was up to date.

The object does not respond to -messaging:didReceiveRegistrationToken:. Please implement -messaging:didReceiveRegistrationToken: to be provided with an FCM token.

It seems that this error is where the issue lies. Any help is appreciated.

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