I'm currently using a code to update a file with a loop running through multiple sheets. Up until now, the code ran smoothly. On today's run, I encountered "run-time error '-2147319767 (80028029)' Automation error, Invalid forward reference, or reference to uncompiled type."

The error occurs on the line Workbooks("Upload.xlsm").Worksheets(branchName).Range("C7").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues and presents itself on the 6th iteration of the loop.

I used On Error Resume Next as a temporary measure to complete the run as it was imperative to have it done at that time.

Upon completion, 3 of the iterations had failed (sixth, seventh and tenth). The three had no correlation to one another (i.e. different copy sources, values, etc) but had other iterations with the exact same copy source/values which completed successfully.

Running another copy command at a later time onto these sheets resulted in the same error. I eventually had to delete and recreate the sheet to resolve the error.

' Uploads file update

fpath = Workbooks("TEG Rates.xlsm").Worksheets("Link List").Range("E3").Value

Workbooks.Open fpath & "Upload.xlsm"

For branchNo = 21 To 37

    branchName = Workbooks("TEG Rates.xlsm").Worksheets("Link List").Range("A" & branchNo).Value
    branchGroup = Workbooks("TEG Rates.xlsm").Worksheets("Link List").Range("B" & branchNo).Value

    ' Copy/Paste Buy & Sell

    Workbooks("TEG Rates.xlsm").Worksheets(branchGroup).Range("D7:G111").Copy
    Workbooks("Upload.xlsm").Worksheets(branchName).Range("C7").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues

    For no = 7 To 10

        Workbooks("Upload.xlsm").Worksheets(branchName).Range("D" & no).Value = "=ROUND(100/C" & no & ",6)"

    Next no

    Workbooks("Upload.xlsm").Worksheets(branchName).Range("D14").Value = "=ROUND(100/C14,6)"
    Workbooks("Upload.xlsm").Worksheets(branchName).Range("D15").Value = "=ROUND(10000/C15,4)"

    Workbooks("Upload.xlsm").Worksheets(branchName).Range("D16").Value = "=ROUND(100/C16,6)"
    Workbooks("Upload.xlsm").Worksheets(branchName).Range("D19").Value = "=ROUND(100/C19,6)"

Next branchNo

Workbooks("Upload.xlsm").Close SaveChanges:=True
Application.CutCopyMode = False

While currently I am able to operate this code, my concern is that my team will encounter this whilst I'm away. What could have caused this/what can I do to prevent this from occurring? I'd be willing to provide the files if required.

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