I'm trying to use Arrayfire's implementation of LU and got:

Intel MKL FATAL ERROR: Cannot load libmkl_mc3.so or libmkl_def.so.

I tried lot of things to solve the issues (like libraries paths and other stuff). Nothing worked for me. Also, I tried the solution that people gave to other ones with the same problem (at stackoverflow), which also did not work for me.

1 Answers

Ralf Stubner On

This sounds a lot like this issue. If it is indeed the same issue, you can use as a workaround

LD_PRELOAD="/usr/local/lib64/libmkl_core.so:/usr/local/lib64/libtbb.so.2:/usr/local/lib64/libmkl_tbb_thread.so" <your_binary>

to start your program. You might have to adjust /use/local/lib64 to where MKL is installed on your system.