Integrating SVN with TFS

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Is there any recommendable solution to integrate SVN with TFS 2013 in a sense that SVN is being used for source control and TFS for work item tracking?

For example, it should be possible to link commits in SVN to work items in TFS.

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Ivan Jovović On Best Solutions

You can use Integration with Bug Tracking Systems / Issue Trackers:

It is very common in Software Development for changes to be related to a specific bug or issue ID. Users of bug tracking systems (issue trackers) would like to associate the changes they make in Subversion with a specific ID in their issue tracker. Most issue trackers therefore provide a pre-commit hook script which parses the log message to find the bug ID with which the commit is associated. This is somewhat error prone since it relies on the user to write the log message properly so that the pre-commit hook script can parse it correctly.

TortoiseSVN can help the user in two ways:

  1. When the user enters a log message, a well defined line including the issue number associated with the commit can be added automatically. This reduces the risk that the user enters the issue number in a way the bug tracking tools can't parse correctly.

  2. Or TortoiseSVN can highlight the part of the entered log message which is recognized by the issue tracker. That way the user knows that the log message can be parsed correctly.

When the user browses the log messages, TortoiseSVN creates a link out of each bug ID in the log message which fires up the browser to the issue mentioned.

Go through mentioned URL for detailed description.