I have trawled this site for an answer to this, but they only seem to exist for other coding languages.

I have a combo-box in a user-form in MS-Word. The combo-box contains a dropdown list of items.

What I would like to happen, is that when I select an item (item 1), an image (image 1) that corresponds to this item is inserted into the document in a particular place (front page, line 10, column 1 - for example?). I would also like to be able to format it to a particular height and width.

The images will all be stored in a set location that the Macro can always look up (C:\Users\cen\Pictures).

I don't have any code for this, and have struggled to find any... so I am completely empty handed on this one. The way the ComboBox is filled is like this... where cboItem is the name given for the combobox.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim sSaved As String
Dim i As Double
Dim docType As String

On Error Resume Next

    With cboItem
    cboItem.Text = "--Select--"
        .AddItem "Item 1"
        .AddItem "Item 2" etc.

    End With 'And the code carries to populate other drop downs 
             'but I'm only interested in the one above....

If someone could help me with this I would be so grateful!

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