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I'm happily using the following code to append a dataframe to an ms access table, but this requires hard-coding the fields.

I'd like to make this dynamic (I have other code that ensures the integrity of the access table is fit to receive the data and there is a 1:1 relationship between dataframe and table fields.

current code:

str_table = 'tblData'
cur.executemany(f"INSERT INTO [{str_table}] (Field1, Field2, Field2), VALUE (?,?,?)",

I'm looking for something akin to removing the field names and using *:

str_table = 'tblData'
cur.executemany(f"INSERT INTO [{str_table}] (*), VALUE (?)",

Is this possible, or do I need to script assessing the columns in the dataframe to create the full list of fields and values in the code?

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