I have a need to integrate Pre-roll & Post-roll VAST Ads in our content video, which is an HTML5 video element, that plays inside a 320x180 webview in our Native Android App.

I am all done except for one small issue. For a brief span of 1-2 secs, I see a skewed play button in the video player, just before the Ad Video starts playing.

This is happening after google.ima.AdEvent.Type.LOADED and before google.ima.AdEvent.Type.STARTED events.

See this link for screeshot - https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZD2jSSjAg5YDJd7ZA

So, since IMA SDK loads its player and Ad inside an iFrame, I do not have any control over this behavior. But, is there any way to solve this? Did anyone face similar issue?

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