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IHttpClientFactory with Autofac in .NET 4.8

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I came to a point where I needed to replace usage of HttpClient with IHttpClientFactory in order to reduce number of sockets that are in use and avoid socket exhaustion.

As preferable approach, I wanted to use IHttpClientFactory and register it by using Autofac, and I also wanted to confirm the difference between usage of HttpClient and IHttpClientFactory - how to know if my implementation is working properly?

My base implementation of the class that uses IHttpClientFactory goes something like this (one of the classes):

public class ImportHttpClient : IImportHttpClientAccessor
        public HttpClient Client { get; }

        public ImportHttpClient(IHttpClientFactory httpClientFactory)
            ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls12;
            Client = httpClientFactory.CreateClient();
            Client.BaseAddress = new Uri(GlobalVariables.ImportServiceSettings.BaseUrl);         

and registration of this class with Autofac is very straightforward:


But, the registration of IHttpClientFactory remained the problem and also a test to compare before/after using IHttpClientFactory.

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