My project is, in first step, to write a middleware for our company which can receive IDocs from SAP. The middleware have to receive IDocs from SAP like MATMAS. This should be done as a service on IIS. I think WCF or a normal ASMX web service should work. We won't use MS BizTalk or SAP PI.

At first I set up only web service in WCF, the connection from SAP won't work as simple as I thought, then I set up a simple ASMX web service, this was better. I was able to connect from SAP to this web service

Status HTTP-Response 200 Status-Text OK Dauer Testaufruf 257 ms

Connection Test:

connection test

Now my problem: how to receive the IDocs? What methods are needed to receive, parse and work with the idoc?

Parsing the IDocs should be easy, I have access to SAP and can get the IDoc scheme as XSD to convert it to a c# class.

Thank you in advance for some help!

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